Geostellar launches online platform to perform solar analysis

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Geostellar launches online platform to perform solar analysis

Greentech Lead America: Geostellar, a provider of
advanced geomatic technology, launched an online platform for property owners
to instantly analyze the potential value of solar energy on their rooftops.

Geostellar’s online platform analyzes property’s rooftop
on factors including shading, slope, orientation, incentives and utility rates.
Geostellar offers property owners a free, independent system design with
recommendations on equipment configuration, financing and installation options
that provide the best financial return and achieve the maximum benefits from
state and federal incentives.

Geostellar initially is launching its nationwide
rollout at West Virginia. The company has plans to enter additional key markets
over the remainder of 2012.

Geostellar’s West Virginia Full-Scale Solar Team includes
West Virginia University Natural Resources Analysis Center, Mountain View
Solar, the JOBS Project, and Jack Fuller, Ph. D., a professor of management and
industrial relations at WVU.

“Together, we’re working to create jobs for
professionals including solar installers, engineers and electricians while
bringing the state one step closer to meeting its goal of 25 percent
alternative and renewable energy by 2025,” said Gregory Adolfson,
sustainability officer for the West Virginia Department of Environmental

Through 3D simulations and proprietary algorithms,
Geostellar instantly assesses the energy generation potential, environmental
benefits and financial savings of “going solar.”

“Geostellar makes the solar energy experience
illuminating and enlightening, taking the burden of solar energy adoption off
the property owner and facilitating a stress-free browsing experience. We
dedicated countless hours to collecting 3D imagery, running solar simulations
and analyzing financial models so property owners and managers can easily reach
the best solar decisions for their homes and businesses,” said David
Levine, CEO of Geostellar.

Through the U.S.
Department of Energy’s SunShot program, the “Rooftop Solar
Challenge” Geostellar received $500,000 to assist with mapping the
Mountain State, where a net metering program and a unique incentive for
alternative fuels infrastructure have laid the groundwork for a strong solar

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