GoodWe Unveils Cutting-Edge EcoSmart Home Solutions at RE+2023 Event

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Global solar products and energy solutions leader, GoodWe, showcased its latest innovations at the RE+2023 event, focusing on tailored residential solutions under the EcoSmart Home umbrella to meet the energy demands in North America.

At the RE+2023 exhibition, GoodWe, renowned for its decade-long expertise in inverters and solar solutions, unveiled its newest residential lineup targeting the North American market. The EcoSmart Home series integrates solar power with advanced storage solutions, aligning perfectly with the growing trend of solar battery integration under the NEM3.0 framework. Homeowners across North America are increasingly adopting this technology to enhance their energy self-sufficiency and consumption rates.

The centerpiece of GoodWe’s offering is the “solar plus storage” system, a blend of their hybrid inverter, ES-US, and the Lynx Home FH-US battery. The ES-US hybrid inverter, with a power range of 5-11.4kW, seamlessly integrates into diverse residential systems. The accompanying Lynx battery boasts scalability from 9.6kWh to 19.2kWh, enabling tailoring of energy capacity to suit individual home requirements. The battery stores self-generated energy during off-peak periods and discharges it during peak hours, effectively reducing surplus energy export to the grid.

Notably, the ES-US inverter offers an optional EV charger function, preparing homeowners for anticipated increases in electric vehicle (EV) charger usage. This feature significantly enhances energy self-consumption rates, thereby reducing electricity costs.

Addressing grid reliability concerns prevalent in certain areas, GoodWe’s EcoSmart Home incorporates a backup capability with an auto backup device (ABD). The ABD can configure essential loads or a full-home backup system, ensuring continued power supply in the event of a grid failure.

Another highlight is the GoodWe SBP-US inverter (5-11.4kW), designed for multiple storage applications in North America, including micro-grids, acting as a reliable power backup solution. It seamlessly switches to a grid-forming mode during grid interruptions, providing uninterrupted power to essential household loads.

Additionally, EcoSmart Home incorporates a smart Energy Management System (SEMS), granting homeowners the ability to remotely monitor and control their entire energy system. This level of control optimizes energy usage and reduces overall electricity costs.

GoodWe’s commitment to innovation in solar and energy solutions remains steadfast, aiming to revolutionize the North American residential energy landscape and contribute to a sustainable, clean energy future.

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