Green Power EMC adds 150 kW solar facility

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Green Power EMC adds 150 kW solar facility

By Greentech Lead Team: Green Power EMC, a renewable energy
provider in Georgia, has added a 150 kilowatt solar facility inWarner
Robins, Ga. to its energy portfolio. The facility will bring Green Power
EMC’s total renewable generation to 28 MW.

The facility will provide 4.7 million kWh of solar energy to the
power grid over its projected 25-year lifetime.

“Green Power EMC is actively pursuing efficient approaches
to increasing the supply of renewable energy to Georgia’s EMC
members. Distributed solar power generation can help supply a customer’s
energy needs with little on-going maintenance and no fuel expense,”
said Jeff Pratt, president of Green Power EMC.

Green Power EMC partnered
with odor elimination manufacturer Clean Control Corp. and solar project
developer First Century Energy to build the solar project.

“The array speaks volumes about Clean Control’s commitment
to sustainability and demonstrates the economic development potential for solar
in Georgia, as most of the system components and all labor was sourced in
the state,” said George Mori, executive vice president at First
Century Energy.  

The Warner Robins project and associated power
purchase agreement is the second joint project of First Century and Green Power
EMC under a pilot program aimed at deploying solar installations in EMC service
areas throughout Georgia.

Currently, Green Power EMC providing more than 28 thousand
kilowatts of renewable energy through its mix of biomass, solar, and low-impact
hydro generation.

Last year,
Green Power EMC announced a
115 kW solar facility in Athens.

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