Hanersun Unveils Hitouch 5A Module Series: A New Era in High-Efficiency PV Technology

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Hanersun has introduced its latest innovation, the Hitouch 5A module series, signaling a leap forward in high-efficiency PV technology through the utilization of advanced all back contact (ABC) cell technology.

This new product integrates cutting-edge features such as full back interconnection, non-destructive cutting, and high-density encapsulation, effectively marrying aesthetics with efficiency while fortifying reliability and endurance.

Aesthetic Elegance and Unmatched Efficiency

The Hitouch 5A series boasts a refined, modern design characterized by its front-side busbar-free configuration, delivering a sleek visual appeal adaptable to various application scenarios. Numerous production process enhancements significantly elevate real-world performance, with tests showcasing an impressive maximum output power of 600W and a peak conversion efficiency of up to 23.2 percent. This represents a notable 5-10W gain compared to modules using the same TOPCon format.

Reliability and Durability Redefined

Built on 182mm silicon wafers, the series offers broad system compatibility, seamlessly integrating with diverse mounting structures and inverters. The full back interconnection design bolsters resistance against micro-cracks while minimizing hot spot risks, ensuring a safer and more dependable performance. Moreover, the Hitouch 5A series exhibits exceptional environmental endurance, enduring salt mist, ammonia, sand dust, and extreme heat and humidity conditions.

25-Year Linear Power Warranty and Global Expansion

Hanersun stands by the durability of the Hitouch 5A series by offering a maximum 25-year linear power warranty, maximizing project returns over the product’s lifetime and instilling confidence in investors. The company plans a strategic global rollout, tailoring solutions for distributed customers worldwide, catering to the growing demand for high-quality PV products in the evolving solar market.

Pioneering Quality Development and Future Innovations

Amid the solar industry’s shift towards elevated product customization and differentiation, Hanersun’s Hitouch 5A series emerges as an optimal solution, setting new benchmarks in PV technology. Embracing this trend, Hanersun pledges sustained R&D investment to further advance product efficiency, aligning with the trajectory towards sustainable energy solutions.

The unveiling of the Hitouch 5A series underlines Hanersun’s commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, positioning itself as a frontrunner in advancing high-efficiency PV technology for a greener future.

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