Heart shaped solar farm coming up in New Caledonia

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A heart-shaped 2MW solar farm is coming up on the Pacific island of New Caledonia which is being built by Conergy, reports The Guardian.

The plant will have a capacity to produce power for 750 homes from early next year.

The project is commissioned by local beverage company Froico and is expected to save around 2m tons of carbon dioxide emissions over its 25-year lifetime.

This heart shaped installation is made up of 7,888 panels across a four-acre site on Grand Terre, an island in New Caledonia and the design only visible from the air.


The design is inspired by the “Coeur de Voh”, or “Heart of Voh”, a nearby wild mangrove vegetation with the natural shape of a heart. It gained recognition after environmental campaigner Yann Arthus-Bertrand published its Ariel photography in his book.

The plant would reflect the “Coeur de Voh” by becoming a landmark for the people of New Caledonia, said, David McCallum, managing director, Conergy Australia.

The ‘Heart of New Caledonia’ solar plant will be its man-made double, a landmark for clean power generation, showing that new power plant can be built wherever it’s required, and still keep a lid on carbon emissions. It will also probably be the world’s first beautiful PV plant, and perhaps the first beautiful power station, added McCallum.

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