HyperSolar develops low cost protective polymer coating

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HyperSolar develops low cost protective polymer coating

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: HyperSolar, a technology developer to produce renewable hydrogen
using water and solar power, has developed a low cost protective polymer
coating that allows good electrical conductivity. 

The company claimed this as a significant milestone in
protecting and stabilizing its solar nanoparticles used in the production of
renewable hydrogen.

“A big hurdle in using a solar to fuel conversion process is
the stabilization of the semiconductor material against photocorrosion. Our
development of an efficient and low cost protective polymer coating that also
allows good electrical conductivity is a significant achievement in our
development of a cost effective means for using the power of the Sun to extract
renewable hydrogen from water,” said Tim Young, CEO of HyperSolar.

HyperSolar is in the process of developing a low cost
nanotechnology approach that facilitates H2 with the help of wastewater.
The HyperSolar nanoparticles function as one-way machines that detoxify
wastewater, and produce clean water and pure hydrogen in the presence of

The company claims that no other energy source is required,
making this an extremely economical and commercially viable approach for the
production of zero-carbon, renewable hydrogen.

Recently, HyperSolar entered into a yearlong sponsored
research agreement with the University of California, Santa Barbara to help
accelerate the development process and assure that the key milestones are

HyperSolar is developing a novel solar-powered nanoparticle
system that mimics photosynthesis to produce renewable hydrogen from water.
From sunrise to sunset, our proprietary nanoparticles will work in a water
based solution to produce clean and environmentally friendly renewable hydrogen
for industrial and vehicles. 

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