I+D Energias installs 1.4 MW rooftop solar panel in Lithuania

I+D Energias Lithuania announced the installation of the largest solar panel rooftop worth 1.4 megawatts on the rooftop of the RETAL factory in Lentvaris.

I+D Energias Lithuania, a Lithuanian/Spanish partner of Sun Investment Group (SIG), has done the solar panel installation worth over 1M EUR. The RETAL factory in Lentvaris is around 10 kilometres from the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.

At present, Lithuania is one of the few European Union member states to have already met its 2020 renewable energy targets which dictate that each bloc member must source 20 percent of all its energy from renewable sources.

Currently, Lithuania is eighth from 26 member states in terms of renewable energy use, and is the largest investor amongst the three Baltic States into renewable energy ahead of Estonia.

Marius Skuodis, Lithuania’s Vice Minister of the Economy, said: “The opening of RETAL plant will help Lithuania attract energy-heavy industries – such as data centres and EV battery manufacturers.”

Andrius Terskovas, chief business development officer at I+D Energias Lithuania, has urged Poland, Latvia, and Estonia to follow Lithuania in order to strengthen their green credentials to attract renewable energy-driven investors.