IEA releases graphic report on prime solar contributions

IEA released the latest edition of Photovoltaic Power Systems Program report, briefing a huge quantity of different aspects of the global solar PV market in addition to country- and region-specific solar PV markets, learned from Clean Technica.

It provides a number of useful graphs with visual representations for the 20 largest single-country solar PV power capacity additions, contribution of electricity from solar PV systems with respect to overall country electricity demand, solar PV market incentives and major enablers who have contributed to solar PV growth in last five years.


We can see that Germany is leading in terms of total cumulative solar PV capacity since 2014. However, the US, sadly is at #5 despite having all innovative infrastructure, research and development options.


The Global PV market 2013 is led by China followed by Japan.



The market share of Europe is dropping continuously due to faster growth in North America and Asia, with major contribution by Asia.


Germany’s continuously growing high installations in cumulative solar PV capacity is predicted to change by 2014.



In 2013, China, Japan and USA were the major contributing nations for PV systems in solar.




The electricity from solar PV is differently consumed and Italy is performing well in PV contribution to electricity demand.US and China are playing well. Europe dominates the top rankings.


China is dominating heavily in share of PV module production.


Chinese solar cell and solar module producers have overcome US and German companies. The US and German solar cell is trailing behind Chinese production from 2010, It is clearly evident that the German market collapsed in 2010.


Chinese domination is visible in PV cells production as well.



Feed-in tariffs continue to be the premier market provider for solar PV power. The self-consumption and pure competitive EV is already contributing 5 percent.

Sabeena Wahid
[email protected]