India needs to take the difficult path of bringing renewable energy to the integrated energy policy

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Greentech Lead Asia: India has to take the “difficult decision” of incorporating renewable energy resources into the country’s integrated energy policy, Planning Commission deputy chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia said in his address at the Fourth Clean Energy Ministerial in New Delhi.

China has invested 10 times more than India in clean energy. India has to follow their path and create an integrated energy policy that integrates renewable energy sources as well, Ahluwalia said.

“We are interested in incentivizing the use of clean energy. We are also interested in creating a viable and competitive domestic production base,” he said.

Investment in this sector should not focus on short-term goals, but it should focus on making the globe a better place to live say from 20 years from now.

Currently India is focusing on solar, wind and biomass, Ahluwalia said. However, there is potential for other technologies such as shale gas though its potential and implications are yet to be examined.

“We don’t have a plan for that as yet, but that wouldn’t stop us from putting in place regulatory framework for shale gas,” Ahluwalia said.

India is also keen to create a viable and competitive domestic production base.  Earlier Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also said the country welcomes foreign manufacturers to set up manufacturing facility in the country.

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