India spreads solar traffic signals to more major cities

The traffic police department of Allahabad city of India has launched a solar powered signaling system for traffic management at major crossings of the city.

The signaling system has been installed at five major crossings in the city including Mayor Hall crossing, Dhobighat crossing, Hanuman temple crossing, Subhash crossing and Eklavya crossing.

A team of traffic constables were deployed at these crossings to implement the signaling system and inform the commuters about the new system.


Traffic management through solar powered signaling system has been initiated at five main crossings and soon it will cover the remaining five. Initially, the system is taken on morning and evening hours to avoid problems of any kind, said, Indra Pal Singh, traffic inspector, Allahabad City.

The department has also been making the commuters aware about the induction of signaling system through various means.

The solar run traffic signaling system has been quite successful in cities like Agra, Lucknow, Kanpur and Bareilly as solar traffic lights are equipped with the latest technology and use photovoltaic cells, noted, Rajesh Kumar Yadav, SP, city.

A solar panel placed on the top of the pole converts sunlight into electrical power. A solar charger regulates the voltage coming out of the solar panel and this power is used to charge a battery. Light is produced by an array of extra bright LEDs. LEDs usually last for years and are very energy efficient. LEDs are small in size, but they can produce a significant amount of light.

Officials have clarified that they have also connected the signaling system to regular power supply to avoid any sort of inconvenience such as solar power system malfunctions.

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