Innovative Solar Systems is available for sale for $150 mn

By Editor


Innovative Solar Systems (ISS), which has a 10GW project portfolio, is available for immediate sale at a price of $150 million.

The buyer of Innovative Solar Systems has an opportunity to net $1.7 to $4.8 billion in gross profits within 3 years, by funding the build out of the companies 2.5GW of Texas solar projects in ERCOT that will have interconnection agreements in place and ready for construction within 12-18 months.

The current valuation of ISS is $220 million to $328 million.

ISS has developed and sold approximately 3 GW of solar PV plants in its 11-year history. It has built a portfolio of roughly 10 GW of solar projects. The projects in ISS’s current 10 GW portfolio range in size from 20 MW to well over 200 MW with a special focus on Texas.

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