Inovateus Solar develops ground array at Maywood Solar Farm

Inovateus Solar, developer and installer of solar power systems, has participated in the solar array project installation and development works of Maywood Solar farm located in Indiana.

The land was acquired by Vertellus Specialties. This is the first solar farm manufactured on an already contaminated, Superfund 43-acre site.

The Maywood land project site remediation began from 1992. It was done under United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (US EPA) and Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s (IDEM) supervision, but now they are provided with a monitoring status only.

The project was supported and developed by Indianapolis Power and Light’s (IPL) Rate Renewable Energy Production (REP) Program.

Construction of solar array was executed by Hanwha Q CELLS USA incorporation with US EPA, IDEM, IPL, and Vertellus Specialties.

Presently, the 10.82 MW project is part of a renewal energy production program under the administration of Indianapolis Power and Light Company (IPL).

The plant will operate for a period of 20 years. The carbon emissions will be equal to the annual carbon emissions of more than 2,700 passenger vehicles or 1,800 homes.

Under the feed-in tariff program, IPL will pay Hanwha Q CELLS 20 cents per kW hour. A total of 100 MW of renewable energy projects are allowed under the IPL Rate REP program.

Out of this, Inovateus is involved with approx 24 MW of solar energy generation through the Maywood Solar Farm and other projects.

The development project with Vertellus Specialties and handing it over to Hanwha Q CELLS for completion is an example of how public and private companies can work together to achieve more renewable energy projects in the state of Indiana. The company is waiting for announcement of more projects built in the IPL Rate REP program, said, T.J. Kanczuzewski, president, Inovateus Solar.

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