Itron launches service for monitoring solar products

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Technology and services company Itron has launched Itron Total Solar, a service offering which provides production measurement, asset monitoring, sensing applications and forecasting for its solar products.

The company has stated the new roll-out is part of Itron Total Services and is expected to help Itron run, manage and maintain its solar products.

According to a statement, Itron Total Solar would simplify deployment of monitoring and communications technology and reduce the total cost of ownership for utilities and third-party solar providers.

It boasts a CENTRON solar meter “which collects, stores and uploads solar photovoltaic production data through fast, reliable and secure 4G LTE cellular network”.

The offering enables making data and analytical services available to subscribers through secure, cloud-based infrastructure and easy-to-use interface.

Itron Total Solar is able to provide accurate, reliable means to measure and monitor solar production across a wide geographic area. And the installation of the technology is “plug and play” with streamlined activation.

Bruce Douglas, senior vice president and general manager of Itron software and services, said: “Today Itron monitors nearly 100,000 solar installations across the US representing more than 500 megawatts of clean energy capacity. With Itron Total Solar, we are giving our clients greater flexibility and convenience to better serve their customers in this rapidly growing market.”

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