JA Solar Powers Pioneering 13.06MW Anami PV Plant in Southern Israel

By Editor


JA Solar, a leading global solar module manufacturer, has announced the successful connection of the Anami PV plant to the grid.

Developed by Marom Energy on privately owned land in Abu Kurniat, southern Israel, the project represents a significant milestone in the nation’s solar energy landscape. All 13.06MW of high-efficiency modules supplied by JA Solar have contributed to the plant’s successful integration into the grid.

The Anami PV plant not only marks a pioneering endeavor in solar energy on privately owned land but also holds promise for the local community. The project not only provides a source of income for the landowner but also opens up new employment opportunities for the community. This dual contribution makes the Anami PV plant a landmark achievement in Israel’s renewable energy sector.

JA Solar’s presence in the Israeli market has been marked by its industry-leading technological capabilities, gaining high recognition within the PV market. By the close of 2022, JA Solar had secured a significant market share in Israel, accounting for around 25 percent.

As a long-standing partner of JA Solar for the past decade, Ralco Energy played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the Anami PV project. Ralco Energy provided comprehensive services for the project, extending logistical and technical support throughout the pre- and post-sale phases with local expertise. The collaboration of Ralco Energy and JA Solar facilitated the smooth execution of the project and the subsequent stable operation of the Anami PV plant.

JA Solar’s commitment to delivering high-efficiency products equipped with superior technological features has garnered trust and recognition worldwide. The company’s focus on exceptional customer service has played a significant role in its growing global presence. Looking ahead, JA Solar aims to continue leveraging its technological strengths to contribute to global sustainable development by providing green power solutions worldwide.

The successful connection of the Anami PV plant to the grid underscores JA Solar’s dedication to advancing solar energy initiatives globally. The project’s impact reaches beyond clean energy generation, positively influencing local communities and economies while paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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