JA Solar Starts First Phase of Baotou Manufacturing Base for Rooftop PV Project

By Editor


JA Solar, a leading solar cell and module manufacturer, has taken a significant step towards promoting sustainable and green energy production with the commencement of the first phase of its Baotou Manufacturing Base 50MW Rooftop Distributed Photovoltaic (PV) Project.

This project, with a substantial investment of RMB150 million, is planned to be executed in four phases and is anticipated to be fully operational by the end of 2023. The solar installation will utilize JA Solar’s n-type DeepBlue 4.0 modules, known for their efficiency and reliability. Once completed, the project is expected to generate an impressive 65 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity annually. This substantial output translates into an annual reduction of carbon emissions by a noteworthy 54,000 tons.

JA Solar has long championed the principles of sustainable development. The company adheres to the concept of low-carbon development throughout its operations and has successfully cultivated a green manufacturing ecosystem. This commitment to eco-friendliness has borne fruit, with six of JA Solar’s manufacturing bases already finding a place on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)’s “green factories” list by February 2023.

In a recent accolade, JA Solar’s n-type products were awarded the prestigious carbon footprint PPE2 certification by the French authority Certisolis. This recognition places JA Solar among the pioneers in the PV module manufacturing industry to obtain the French carbon footprint certification under the new PPE2 standard.

It serves as a testament to the low-carbon competitiveness of JA Solar’s n-type products and reaffirms the company’s dedication to sustainable and environmentally responsible energy solutions. The Baotou Manufacturing Base project is yet another example of JA Solar’s commitment to green energy and its ongoing efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of its operations.

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