JA Solar Supplies PV Modules to Norinco International in Bangladesh

By Editor


JA Solar, a manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) products, has commenced supply of solar PV modules to Norinco International for the Bangladesh HKGE 48MW PV project.

This landmark initiative marks Bangladesh’s inaugural n-type PV venture, exclusively powered by JA Solar’s DeepBlue 4.0 Pro n-type series products.

The contract between JA Solar and Norinco represents a significant step in Bangladesh’s renewable energy business. Despite facing tight deadlines and rigorous demands, JA Solar navigated through various complexities from contract signing to shipment with remarkable efficiency. Impressively, 10 days after contract finalization, the initial batch of products was dispatched, showcasing JA Solar’s speed.

JA Solar has been involved in the Bangladeshi market, advocating for PV sector growth through its efficient products and exceptional services. Notably, JA Solar supplied modules for Bangladesh’s inaugural large-scale PV power station and its second-largest PV power station, demonstrating its commitment to driving solar energy advancement in the region.

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