JA Solar unveils DeepBlue 4.0 Pro module @ SNEC 2023 event

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JA Solar unveiled its latest innovation, the DeepBlue 4.0 Pro module, during the SNEC 2023 event, capturing widespread attention in the industry.

The DeepBlue 4.0 Pro promises improvement in BOS costs and Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).

The DeepBlue 4.0 Pro module incorporates cells cut from JA Solar’s independently developed next-generation n-type rectangular silicon wafer. These cells exhibit a prolonged lifespan and low oxygen content.

Leveraging n-type passivation contact Bycium+ cell technology, the module achieves an Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) of 725mV and a remarkable cell efficiency of 25.3 percent in mass production.

The DeepBlue 4.0 Pro incorporates SMBB technology, high-density encapsulation technology, and other advanced techniques to enhance quality and efficiency. As a result, the 72-cell module delivers a power output of 630W, with module efficiency surpassing 22.5 percent.

Compared to mainstream 182 series 78-cell modules (2465mm x 1134mm) commonly found in the industry, the DeepBlue 4.0 Pro offers superior power performance while reducing the working voltage of the new dimension by 7.6 percent. This reduction not only lowers Balance of System (BOS) costs for the system but also minimizes hot spot risks associated with the modules.

The key highlight of the DeepBlue 4.0 Pro lies in its 182mm x 199mm silicon wafers, enabling versatile application across multiple scenarios. Unlike other rectangular silicon wafer sizes, the 182mm x 199mm rectangular silicon wafer allows for a width of 1134mm while satisfying four mainstream module lengths: 1762mm, 2333mm, 2384mm, and 2465mm, achieved through various cutting methods. This versatility positions the DeepBlue 4.0 Pro to meet the requirements of different application scenarios, including residential rooftops, commercial and industrial rooftops, and utility power plants.

Similar to its predecessor, the DeepBlue 4.0 X, the DeepBlue 4.0 Pro demonstrates exceptional power generation capacity and reliable performance. By leveraging Bycium+ cell technology, the DeepBlue 4.0 Pro showcases outstanding power generation characteristics, such as reduced degradation, improved temperature coefficient, higher bifacial generation gain, and enhanced performance in lower irradiance conditions.

Comparative field tests conducted by JA Solar and TUV NORD, spanning one year, revealed that the n-type module with Bycium+ cell technology delivers an electricity generation gain of approximately 3.9 percent, confirming its robust power generation capabilities. Moreover, the DeepBlue 4.0 Pro has successfully passed rigorous aging tests, meeting all testing requirements outlined in IEC standards.

The DeepBlue 4.0 Pro has garnered comprehensive industry approval for its power generation performance, safety, and reliability across diverse application scenarios. At the time of its launch, the module had obtained critical certifications, including the TUV SUD certificate from TUV SUD, as well as the Salt Mist Corrosion, Ammonia Corrosion, and Dust and Sand certificates from TUV NORD. It has also received the Golden Sun Certificate for Photovoltaic Products, Photovoltaic Non-uniform Snow Load Reliability Certification, and Photovoltaic Flexible Racking System Compatibility Certificate from CGC.

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