Jinergy Unveils Innovative Anti-Dust Solar Module to Revolutionize Clean Energy Technology

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Jinergy (Jinneng Clean Energy Technology), a Chinese solar manufacturer, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking anti-dust solar module designed to tackle the persistent challenge of dust accumulation on solar panels. This innovative module boasts a unique frame design aimed at maximizing performance under various environmental conditions.

The newly introduced module features a distinctive frame structure, wherein the long frame remains unchanged, while the short frame lacks an A side. This ingenious design enables the short frame to seamlessly align with the glass surface, optimizing the efficacy of rain in washing away dust particles. Furthermore, it enhances drainage and blowdown capacity, significantly improving the module’s self-cleaning capability.

One of the primary issues faced by traditional solar modules is the accumulation of dust at the bottom, particularly affecting power generation during rainy days or cleaning routines. With conventional modules, rainwater cannot pass through the border efficiently, leading to the accumulation of moisture near the bottom border. This buildup not only diminishes power generation but also poses risks such as heat spots and rainbow patterns, potentially shortening the module’s lifespan.

According to Ben Yu, Director of Overseas Sales at Jinergy, “Anti-dust modules are engineered to mitigate dust buildup, ensuring prolonged efficiency and performance. By minimizing dust accumulation, these modules exhibit higher reliability, reducing maintenance requirements and production interruptions. Moreover, the decreased need for manual cleaning translates to cost savings for owners and improved operational efficiency.”

Jinergy’s anti-dust modules utilize cutting-edge n-type TOPCon technology renowned for its high photoelectric conversion efficiency, facilitating increased light absorption and enhanced power generation. Manufactured using premium materials and advanced production processes, these modules offer exceptional weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and mechanical durability. Their sleek and minimalist design makes them suitable for a wide range of distributed scenarios, including household, industrial, commercial, and large-scale power plant applications.

Throughout the product development phase, Jinergy prioritized efficient anti-dusting design, advanced technology utilization, empirical validation, and comprehensive lifecycle value. These features ensure that the modules meet customer needs effectively, bolstering power generation efficiency and the economic viability of photovoltaic systems. With the introduction of these innovative anti-dust solar modules, Jinergy reaffirms its commitment to advancing clean energy technology and driving sustainable solutions for the future.

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