Jinko Solar Surpasses 52GW in Module Shipments for 2023, N-Type Modules Leading the Charge

By Editor


In a monumental feat, Jinko Solar, a global leader in solar module manufacturing, has surpassed 52GW in module shipments for the nine months ending on September 30, 2023. Notably, N-type modules contributed significantly, accounting for approximately 57 percent of the total shipments.

This remarkable achievement has been attributed to Jinko Solar’s strategic utilization of Jiangxi Jinko’s expansive global marketing network, coupled with their exceptional N-type technology and an advanced integrated capacity structure. As of the end of September 2023, Jiangxi Jinko has achieved an unprecedented milestone, surpassing a cumulative global solar module shipment of over 190GW.

Jiangxi Jinko’s high-efficiency N-type modules have gained widespread recognition on a global scale. In a recent development in September 2023, the company secured a significant bid, winning a contract to supply 3.2GW of N-type modules for a CHN Energy Investment Group project. Concurrently, construction commenced for an integrated project in Shanxi, China during the same month.

The company’s order book has surpassed the estimated module shipments for the entire year of 2023, highlighting the growing demand and confidence in Jiangxi Jinko’s cutting-edge solar solutions.

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