Jinko Solar to supply for a Jiangxi Province 100 MW PV plant

JinkoSolar Power has signed project investment agreements with Hengfeng County government in Jiangxi Province for the development of 100 MW PV projects.

Jinko Power will hold the responsibilities like ownership, investment management, EPC and operations and maintenance.

The company will invest around RMB 800 million and the project will receive subsidies of RMB1.2 per kWh.

Construction of the plant has begun in the third quarter and will be completed in the fourth quarter of this year.


Once completed, these projects will generate around 110 million kWh of electricity annually, generating revenue of RMB132 per year.

Initially, the Jinko Power plant was established in northwestern China but is now moving towards the southern and eastern coasts.

By enhancing cooperation with local governments as well as utilizing the development capabilities, JinkoSolar has built an extensive project pipeline. The technological know-how allows the firm to construct projects all year round. With this project, clean energy will be provided, creating local job, improving the environment and contributing to economic development, commented, Xiande Li, chairman, JinkoSolar.

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