JinkoSolar Achieves Zero Carbon Factory Certification for Sichuan Leshan Wafer Facility

By Editor


JinkoSolar Holding, a leader in solar module manufacturing, has announced that its wafer factory in Sichuan Leshan has achieved the prestigious Zero Carbon Factory certification from TUV Rheinland.

This certification recognizes JinkoSolar’s commitment to advanced green business practices, social responsibility, and environmental awareness. The accomplishment underscores the company’s strides towards sustainable development, energy efficiency, emission reduction, and environmental protection, establishing a noteworthy example for the creation of eco-friendly manufacturing facilities.

The Zero Carbon Factory Evaluation Code, the world’s first comprehensive and quantifiable standard for zero-carbon factory construction, served as the benchmark for JinkoSolar’s achievement. Developed collaboratively by over 20 authoritative organizations, including TUV Rheinland, and leading companies, this standard has been filed by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA). The evaluation covers six key indicators:


Intelligent information management system for energy and carbon emissions

Energy and resource use


Greenhouse gas reduction implementation

Carbon offset implementation

JinkoSolar’s success in obtaining the Zero Carbon Factory certification signifies a comprehensive approach to carbon emissions reduction throughout the manufacturing process. The company has implemented technical measures for energy conservation, emission reduction, and carbon elimination, showcasing a robust zero-carbon emission performance. The wafer factory has established a meticulous zero-carbon factory management system, encompassing material selection, equipment selection, process optimization, energy management, carbon digitalization platform, and carbon emission reduction technology.

This achievement highlights JinkoSolar’s commitment to sustainability and aligns with global efforts to address climate change. By achieving the Zero Carbon Factory certification, JinkoSolar sets a benchmark for environmentally responsible manufacturing practices and contributes to the collective goal of a greener, more sustainable future.

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