JinkoSolar and Failte Solar Collaborate to Power Ireland’s Solar Future

By Editor


JinkoSolar Holding, a global solar module manufacturer, has joined forces with Failte Energy Solutions to bolster Ireland’s solar energy landscape.

The partnership, officially solidified through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during the China (Jiangxi)-Europe (Ireland) Economic and Trade Promotion Conference in Dublin on September 22, 2023, will see JinkoSolar supply Tiger Neo modules with a total capacity of 200MW.

JinkoSolar, known for its innovative solar module technology and global market presence, is set to collaborate extensively with Failte Solar, focusing on product offerings and localized services. The joint efforts aim to develop Ireland’s high-end distributed PV market, with a particular focus on residential and commercial solar rooftop installations. Failte Solar will serve as the distributor for JinkoSolar’s high-quality N Type Tiger Neo Solar Modules, ensuring a seamless reach to installers.

Frank Niendorf, General Manager of JinkoSolar Europe, highlighted the impressive growth of the distributed generation market across Europe and emphasized JinkoSolar’s commitment as a reliable supply partner. “The continued demand from the Irish Market for our high-quality N Type Tiger Neo Solar Modules has surpassed even our ambitious expectations,” he stated.

Abhilash Borana, Founder and CEO of Failte Solar Ireland, emphasized the potential for growth and innovation in the solar energy market through this collaboration. He spoke of leveraging JinkoSolar’s global reach and expertise, affirming their dedication to providing accessible and sustainable solar solutions in line with their commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The collaboration between JinkoSolar and Failte Solar signifies a step forward in Ireland’s renewable energy journey and highlights the strategic role of international partnerships in advancing solar technologies and solutions for a sustainable future.

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