JinkoSolar N-type TOPCon-based solar cell achieves 33.24% conversion efficiency

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JinkoSolar said its N-type TOPCon-based perovskite tandem solar cell has achieved a conversion efficiency of 33.24 percent during the test conducted by the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

JinkoSolar’s previous record was 32.33 percent for the same type of tandem cells. This is a remarkable achievement, breaking the world record in efficiency and power output for PV products an impressive 26 times.

JinkoSolar achieved conversion efficiency due to various materials and technology innovations including ultra-thin poly-Si passivated contact technology, novel light-trapping technology, intermediate recombination layer with high light transmittance and high carrier mobility, and efficient surface passivation technology using hybrid materials.

This achievement demonstrates the compatibility of TOPCon as a mainstream solar cell technology with the next-generation perovskite/silicon tandem cell technology, breaking the efficiency limit of single-junction silicon solar cell.

JinkoSolar has applied for over 3,800 global patents and has been granted more than 3,500, providing higher efficiency and better value energy solutions to the global solar photovoltaic market, according to Jin Hao, CTO of JinkoSolar.

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