JinkoSolar Secures Supply Agreement with ACWA Power for 3.8 GW of Solar Modules

JinkoSolar upgraded Tiger Neo solar panel

JinkoSolar Holding, a global leader in solar module manufacturing, has entered into a supply agreement with ACWA Power, a developer and operator of power and water desalination projects.

The deal entails the delivery of an astounding 3.8 GW of JinkoSolar’s N-type Tiger Neo solar modules, solidifying JinkoSolar’s position as a major player in the renewable energy industry.

These modules will be deployed in ACWA Power’s two groundbreaking solar ventures in Saudi Arabia, with an aim to significantly boost clean energy production. The projects in question are the colossal 1,581MWp Al KAHFAH and the massive 2,257MWp AR RASS 2 solar farms, setting new benchmarks for solar energy in the region.

JinkoSolar’s Tiger Neo modules are manufactured using N-type TOPCon technology, an innovation known for its efficiency, reduced degradation, improved temperature coefficient, enhanced bifacial factor, and remarkable yield per watt. This translates to an impressive reduction in the system’s lifetime energy cost, offering significant economic advantages.

What makes this supply agreement particularly noteworthy is the undeniable performance, durability, and reliability edge that the Tiger Neo modules have over traditional solar panels. By opting for these modules, ACWA Power is demonstrating its confidence in JinkoSolar’s ability to consistently deliver on its commitments and provide sustainable and competitive energy solutions.

In a statement, Yunhe Lv, Executive Vice President of ACWA Power China, expressed the pivotal role of N-type TOPCon technology in their projects, highlighting its potential to meet performance goals and deliver clean, cost-effective energy. This clean energy will not only be used for power generation but also for vital applications such as desalination and hydrogen production, meeting the diverse needs of customers throughout the Middle East.

This supply agreement between JinkoSolar and ACWA Power represents a significant step forward in advancing renewable energy and underscores the commitment of both companies to promote sustainable energy solutions. It is anticipated that this collaboration will lead to a brighter and greener future, reducing the environmental footprint and helping Saudi Arabia achieve its renewable energy targets.