JLM Energy installs renewable energy mobile unit at College of Desert

By Editor


JLM Energy, a California-based renewable technology company, has supplied a renewable energy mobile unit to College of the Desert for using Foldrz in sustainability education programs and as a recruiting tool with prospective students.

JLM Energy said Foldrz has the ability to generate, store and distribute power to critical operations, including integration with third-party generators, hydraulic motion controls, and track the sun. JLM Energy’s cloud-based software, Measurz, monitors and manages the operations of Foldrz.

College of the Desert students will get training in:

# Renewable Technology

# Energy Storage

# Monitoring Software

# Energy Production

# Inverter Technology

# Hydraulics

“College of the Desert is committed to clean power and we are pleased to work with them to provide a venue for students to become aware of the importance of sustainability and explore careers in the field,” said Nathan Newsom, vice president of sales at JLM Energy.

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