Juwi Group begins work on 39-MW solar park in Tamil Nadu

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Solar and wind energy project developer Juwi Group is building a 39-MW solar park in Tamil Nadu, a state in south India.

The project is expected to produce 64gwh of electricity per year and is likely to be connected to the grid later this year.

Juwi will soon be developing the project on 25,000 square meters of land close to Samudram.

The area was chosen for its high insolation and poor soil quality which rendered it unsuitable for agriculture.

Power generated at the solar park will is to be evacuated under a 25-year power purchase agreement that a state energy supplier has signed with Juwi.

Since 2011, Juwi has developed total installed capacity of 146 MW in India.

Earlier this month, the company completed an 86-megawatt project at Prieska in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province. The project is scheduled for completion in 2016.

The project — the size of 200 football pitches — is the largest individual venture the company has undertaken.

In the past, juwi had developed four utility-scale PV projects in South Africa and is among the leading green energy specialists in the country.

In October 2013, the department of energy of South Africa had awarded contract for the Prieska project under the third bidding window of the REIPPP program.

Juwi had won six projects in the round of bidding and was also to provide operations and maintenance services for the projects.

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