Juwi Group develops 87 hectare solar and agri park in southern France

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Juwi, the renewable energy company has constructed a solar and agricultural park in the French Pyrenees consisting of nearly 30,000 panels.

The solar and agricultural park covers 87 hectares at Ortaffa of southern France. The solar plant, with a total of 21 hectares, will provide clean energy for 10,000 homes.

Moreover, the park will consist of 300,000 solar panels that provide 35.5 million KW of clean electricity. The plant has been subdivided into ten sections to minimize the environmental impact.

Delphine Guinet, project manager, Juwi EnR,said, “The project was a challenge in ecological as well as in economic and political terms – it took us six years to fulfill the high demands of all parties involved.”

In addition to sheep farming and bee-keeping that has been incorporated into plant design, Juwi has provided 4,000 vines that will be planted on 43 hectares of vineyard.

Raymond Pla, mayor, Ortaffa commented, “The park functions as an agricultural zone too, a decision taken by parties involved, matching the needs of the region, stimulating local economy.”

A total of 56 companies have been employed in the construction works and 40 percent of them are locals.

It is hoped that financial benefits generated by the park will enhance the local economy for more than 20 years. .

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