KACO new energy inks partnership with Ampt to offer commercial inverters

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KACO new energy inks partnership with Ampt to offer commercial inverters

Greentech Lead America: KACO new energy, a solar inverter
manufacturer, has inked its partnership with Ampt to offer commercial and
utility-scale inverters.

KACO claims that the new inverters decrease system cost
and lower the levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

The strategic partnership enables KACO’s inverters to
operate in Ampt Mode, when deployed in conjunction with Ampt’s module-level
DC/DC converters, resulting in an inverter cost savings of up to 40 percent or

KACO new energy claims over four gigawatts (GW) of
photovoltaic (PV) inverters in the field.

Using KACO inverters in Ampt Mode, system integrators are
able to achieve up to an 80 percent increase in inverter output power. By
operating in Ampt Mode the optimized inverters dissipate less power per
kilowatt increasing operating efficiency and reliability.

“By partnering with Ampt, two technologies are
merged into a solution which enables lower up front capitol costs, while
increasing the energy yield of the PV system,” said David Devir, Director
of Product Management at KACO new energy.

“Offering a PV system solution which results in a
lower LCOE will assist KACO new energy with market share growth in the North
American market,” Devir added.

“KACO is one of the leading inverter manufacturers
and we are pleased to be working with them to ensure system integrators are
able to lower system costs while increasing energy harvest without additional
costs,” said Levent Gun, CEO at Ampt.

KACO new energy is one of the world’s largest
manufacturers of grid-tie inverters with a global production capacity of ten
GW. KACO offers a comprehensive range of inverters for residential up to large
commercial PV systems. The company has been producing inverters with a
cumulative capacity of over four GW since 1999.

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