Karnataka to buy 1,000 MW from Solar Energy Corporation

By Editor


Karnataka’s five state-run utility providers (escoms) on Wednesday signed a 25-year agreement to buy 1,000 Mega Watt (MW) from Solar Energy Corporation of India under the viability gap fund (VGF).

“Solar power will be generated at Rs 4.50 per unit and supplied at the local body (taluk) level to minimise transmission and distribution loss,” State Energy Minister D.K. Shivakumar told reporters on the occasion here.

The central government’s Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) will invest Rs 5,000 crore to generate solar power at 60 taluks (sub-districts) across the state.

The Corporation is dedicated to implement the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission and encourage the use of solar energy across the country.

The Corporation has proposed decentralised distribution generation of 1,000 MW of solar power across the state under VGF of Rs 1 crore per mw.

“The tariff (Rs 4.50 per unit) is on par with that of other conventional sources. There will be no financial burden on escoms and will help to meet the renewable purchase obligation determined by the central government,” Shivakumar said.

The state has identified the spare capacity at the sub-stations, which reduces the additional infrastructure cost on new transmission lines and sub-stations.


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