Kuwait plans 17 wind-powered electricity generators

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Kuwait plans 17 wind-powered electricity generators

By Greentech Lead Team: The Kuwait Environment Protection
Society (KEPS) is planning to build 17 wind-powered electricity generators in
the country in coming years.

Recently, KEPS celebrated the operation of the first
wind-powered electricity generator in the country at its main office.

The achievement, according to KEPS Chairman Mohammad Al-Ahmad, marks a new dimension
in the eco-friendly efforts of the country, with 17 more planned throughout the
country in the coming future.

This is an important step as Kuwait government is aiming
to get 10 per cent of the country’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

Currently undergoing a trail period, the generator stands
at 513m and can power up to 80 lamps.
To generate power, it requires winds of a speed of no less than 11km/h,
producing a capacity of 500kw/h as a result of maximum windspeeds of 20km/h. It
also comes fitted with energy-conserving batteries.

The generator will provide power for part of the building, he noted, adding
that it aims to boost environmental awareness amongst the public, through
encouraging the reduction of carbon emissions.

There was already a number of projects in the pipeline to
build up renewable energy capacity, including a study at the Kuwait Institute
for Scientific Research to build 10MW wind turbines and a proposal for a 50MW
solar PV plant.

The country’s electricity demand is currently growing at
eight per cent a year, raising concerns that it could soon outstrip supply. In
the summer of 2010, 99 per cent of capacity was used up.

If the goal is achieved, Kuwait’s proportion of
renewables in its energy mix would exceed that of Abu Dhabi, which is aiming
for 7 percent renewable power by 2020. Dubai is also developing an
environmental plan focusing on improved demand-side-management of electricity
and the development of better public transport infrastructure.

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