KYOCERA Solar Modules provides 100% power to San Diego County’s First Net-Zero Energy Apartments

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Greentech Lead America: Kyocera Solar is providing 100 percent of the power needed by H.G. Fenton Company’s recently opened Solterra EcoLuxury Apartments in the Scripps Ranch suburb of San Diego, Calif.

The 338kW installation produces enough renewable electricity to power average residential and common area use in the 114-unit project. The project represents the bold vision of H.G. Fenton Company and its successful collaboration with CleanTech San Diego, Smart City San Diego and SDG&E.

Solterra is the first apartment community in San Diego to derive all of the electricity residents need for daily living from the sun. Convenient technology features including in-home displays and smart thermostats will give residents the power to manage energy usage from their smartphones and make lifestyle choices that allow the system to generate the power they use.

The 1,380 Kyocera solar modules were installed by San Diego-based Home Energy Systems on the roofs of the four apartment buildings, mounted atop carports and ground-mounted on a slope at the property’s south end.

Steve Hill, president, Kyocera Solar, said, “Kyocera solar modules are the ideal choice for this installation and fulfilling Solterra’s goal of attracting energy-conscious residents to the property for many years to come through its net-zero energy features. We applaud Fenton and hope its vision serves as an example for others to follow as this eco-friendly trend continues to grow in popularity.”

Solterra is the first net-zero apartments in the nation to give residents instant access to their energy consumption via smartphone – enabling them to adjust energy use in real-time using smart thermostats that can be programmed remotely. Solterra is also incorporating energy-efficient and water-saving features including Energy Star appliances, drip-irrigation landscaping and garages prewired to charge electric vehicles.

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