Laketricity Japan Deploys Floating Solar Power Plant in Kagawa Prefecture

By Editor


Laketricity Japan, a subsidiary of Ciel & Terre International Group, has achieved a milestone by launching a floating solar power plant and commencing electricity sales to Ondani Ike, located in Konan Town, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture.

Amidst challenges such as escalating panel prices and currency fluctuations, Laketricity demonstrated resilience in completing the construction phase, thanks to seamless collaboration with local stakeholders.

The newly operational Ondani Ike floating solar power plant boasts a commendable power generation capacity of 2,652.0 kW, with an interconnection capacity of 1,999.0 kW. Equipped with 665 W panels, the plant anticipates an impressive initial electricity output of 3,196 MWh, sufficient to power approximately 550 households.

Operational oversight falls under the purview of “Suiden Mizumi Yon,” a subsidiary managed by the Ciel & Terre International Group.

Shinichi Nakagawa, Managing Director of Laketricity Japan, underscored the significance of floating solar power generation as an innovative, eco-friendly energy solution. By harnessing renewable energy while preserving arable land and minimizing civil engineering endeavors, this initiative bolsters Japan’s sustainable energy framework.

Looking ahead, Laketricity remains committed to technological advancements adaptable to diverse environments, with a primary focus on enhancing energy stability and meeting local community demands through the proliferation of floating solar energy facilities.

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