Largest solar boat set on expedition to find ancient Greece site

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The catamaran PlanetSolar, largest solar boat ever built, is set for a Greek mission of searching oldest sites in south-eastern Peloponnese peninsula inhabited once by ancient men in Europe, reports The Guardian.

PlanetSolar is 31 meters long and is powered by over 500 square meters of solar panels. The average speed is 7.5 knots, or 14 Km per hour.

Built in Germany, the catamaran was the first vessel to navigate the globe purely depending on solar energy in 2012, says the news agency.

PlanetSolar catamaran

A team of Swiss and Greek scientists will conduct a search around the Franchthi cave which was abandoned in 3,000 BC, located in the Argolic gulf.

A month-long mission, beginning from 11th August is organized jointly with the Swiss school of archaeology and the Greek culture ministry.

They will search for the evidence of Europeans who lived in an ancient village built here between the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods. The site is now believed to be merged in sea water.

If found, this will be the oldest site in Greece and Europe, concludes the report.

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