LG Electronics USA unveils new solar panel innovations at Intersolar


At Intersolar 2017, LG Electronics USA has introduced LG NeON R 60-cell solar panel for residential installation.

With all electrodes on the rear side, the new technology creates a panel with polished aesthetics, improved temperature coefficient and heightened visual appeal making it an all-around win for energy-conscious homeowners.

“The NeON R back-contact technology blends form and function, allowing for 100 percent of the cell area to be used for solar power generation,” said Stephen Hahm, vice president and head of LG Electronics USA’s Energy Solutions business.

NeON R panels are rated at 365 Watts per panel, compared with most conventional panels that have a 290W rating, equating to 26 percent more power from the NeON R panel.

Unlike conventional p-type solar modules, the N-Type cells used in the NeON R use almost no boron, so Light Induced Degradation is reduced significantly, maximizing performance and maintaining maximum potential power output for the life of the module, the company said.

LG also announced NeON 2 ACe in collaboration with Enphase Energy at Intersolar 2017.

The LG NeON 2 ACe reduces installation time by half, compared with conventional modules, while offering cutting-edge technology.

The result of two solar industry pacesetters, LG NeON 2 ACe brings together high-performance and a simplified user experience, combining the processes of logistics, installation and monitoring.

Installation, always a concern for homeowners, becomes a quick, two-step roof installation process with this integrated AC Module – lifting the microinverter out of the flat shipping positon and connecting the cable without the need to install the two products separately.

Once roof installation is complete and Enphase’s internal software is set up, Enphase technology remote monitoring and management software can be controlled from any web connected device.

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