LG launching NeON2 in US next month

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LG Electronics is launching the LG NeON 2 in the US next month. The South Korean electronics multinational claims NeON 2 is its most “innovative and efficient solar power system ever”.

LG announced launch of the module at Intersolar North America trade show. The company has stated that the product is equipped with its latest LG “Cello” technology.

Cello stands for Cell Connection, Electrically, Low Loss, Low Stress and Optical Absorption Enhancement. It utilizes circular-shaped wires to scatter light more effectively for better absorption, while reducing the electrical loss by spreading the current with 12 cell busbars.

It significantly improves performance and reliability even over the original NeON high-performance solar panel, LG reports in a statement.

The NeON 2 produces superior power performance with less hassle, creating new standards of quality within the solar power market.

Last month, LG had won the Intersolar Europe Photovoltaics Award for the NeON 2, its “groundbreaking idea and technological innovation”.

Besides NeON2, LG Solar will also be introducing “Mono X NeON 72” 72-cell solar modules suited for commercial installations.

LG says NeON 2 was ideal for maximizing the energy production potential of rooftop installations. The 320W NeON 2 boasts 6.4 kWp capacity with 20 modules (60 cells) while the capacity of a 285W p-type monocrystalline installation with the same number of modules generates only 5.7 kWp and the capacity of a 255W p-type polycrystalline installation with the same number of modules generates only 5.1kWp.

As a result of the improved temperature coefficient of NeON 2, it can generate more electricity on a sunny day and even performs more efficiently on cloudy days, the company adds.

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