Lightsource BP and Conway Unveil 135 MW Conway Solar at Happy Project in Arkansas

By Editor


Lightsource BP and Conway Corp marked a significant milestone with the successful completion of the 135-megawatt Conway Solar at Happy project, located in White County, Arkansas.

The Conway Solar project will bring locally-sourced, clean energy to Conway Corp through a power purchase agreement with Lightsource BP. This project is projected to generate an impressive amount of clean energy, equivalent to the power needed to light up 21,000 homes.

The venture was initiated and fully realized by Lightsource BP, which took on the development, financing, construction, and will oversee the ongoing operation of the project. This substantial commitment represents a private capital investment of $125 million into Arkansas’s energy infrastructure, marking a significant step forward in the state’s journey towards a sustainable and eco-friendly energy landscape.

What sets the Conway Solar project apart is its dual impact on the environment. Not only does it generate emissions-free energy, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment, but it also plays a crucial role in advancing pollinator conservation in the area. Working in close partnership with the Arkansas Monarch Conservation Partnership, Lightsource BP and Conway Corp have taken an innovative approach to biodiversity conservation.

Within the sprawling solar farm, a five-acre native pollinator garden has been established, featuring an impressive array of 46 varieties of Arkansas native plants. This garden is a sanctuary for at-risk monarch butterflies and other essential pollinators that play a pivotal role in supporting our food supply. It provides a vital habitat and a rich source of nectar for these precious species, ultimately contributing to the preservation of our ecosystem.

The completion of the Conway Solar at Happy project not only signifies a remarkable stride towards sustainable energy generation but also showcases the potential of renewable energy projects to have a positive impact on local biodiversity. Lightsource BP and Conway Corp have set an exemplary standard by intertwining clean energy and ecological conservation, reinforcing their commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

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