LONGi reveals Lighthouse Project expanding intelligent manufacturing

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LONGi Green Energy Technology announced the launch of Lighthouse Project aimed at expanding the intelligent manufacturing model of LONGi’s Jiaxing Lighthouse Factory to more production and manufacturing bases.

LONGi’s Jiaxing Production Base will be the first Lighthouse Factory in the global PV industry. Set up in 2020, LONGi’s Jiaxing Production Base mainly produces LONGi’s BC (Back-Contact) series of solar modules.

LONGi’s Jiaxing Production Base has Phase I, II, and III factories, covering area of more than 1,300 acres, with 51 intelligent production lines. LONGi’s Jiaxing Production Base has a module production capacity exceeding 35GW.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has included LONGi’s Jiaxing Production Base in its new batch of “Lighthouse Network” lists released in December 2023.

This signifies that LONGi’s achievements in intelligent manufacturing and digitalization are leading globally, becoming a representative of advanced manufacturing, and the first global “Lighthouse Factory” in the PV industry has attracted much attention.

LONGi’s Jiaxing Lighthouse Factory has built over 30 digital use cases, achieving a 43 percent increase in product quality reliability, an 84 percent reduction in product production and delivery cycle, and a 20 percent reduction in overall unit energy consumption at the base.

The core aspect of LONGi’s Jiaxing Lighthouse Factory is the five major coolest technologies. AI intelligent distribution of solar cells realizes precise delivery of customer needs, ensuring efficient production by intelligently optimizing daily production plans. Flexible automation in production ensures the standardization of each link in the module production process.

The combination of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud platforms, and industrial muscles is the four elements that make LONGi’s Jiaxing Lighthouse Factory successful, and also the core of LONGi’s intelligent manufacturing. LONGi’s BC (Back-Contact) full-scene products have also reached a new level under the support of LONGi’s intelligent manufacturing.

Hu Zhifeng, Head of Intelligent Manufacturing Department, Module Manufacturing Center of LONGi, revealed that it will manufacture Hi-MO X6 Max modules at LONGi’s Jiaxing Lighthouse Factory in the near future.

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