LONGi Unveils Enhanced Hi-MO X6 Branding, Showcasing Global Commitment

By Editor


LONGi, a global leader in solar technology, has announced a branding upgrade for its distributed products, notably the Hi-MO X6, reinforcing its dedication to enhancing the user experience worldwide.

The Hi-MO X6 module integrates cutting-edge HPBC cell technology tailored for distributed scenarios. To better represent the product’s core value, its brand identity has been promptly upgraded to ‘Hi-MO X6’.

The meticulous development of Hi-MO X6 by LONGi’s product team spanned over two years and involved exhaustive end-user research. The result is a customized solution for the distributed market, delivering optimal efficiency, top-tier safety, and seamless integration with architectural aesthetics.

Leveraging high-efficiency HPBC cell technology and a frontal busbar-free design, the product maximizes incident light utilization, minimizes optical losses, elevates conversion efficiency, and optimizes Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE).

The standard version of HPBC cell has achieved a remarkable efficiency breakthrough of 25.5 percent, while the HPBC+ cell surpasses this with an efficiency exceeding 25.8 percent.

Equipped with this advanced technology, Hi-MO X6 showcases a 6 percent-10 percent enhancement in power generation performance compared to traditional modules. Boasting a maximum module efficiency of 23.3 percent, the product sets a new benchmark in value for the global distributed market.

In a strategic move, LONGi is set to unveil an enhanced version of its Hi-MO series products featuring a novel design on October 8th, starting with a launch in China. This move underlines LONGi’s continuous innovation and commitment to providing cutting-edge solar solutions that empower a sustainable energy future.

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