Lumos Solar modules deliver clean energy to TD Bank

Lumos Solar, a design-centric solar service provider, has announced that TD Bank has selected their LSX frameless solar modules to cover the retail drive-thru constructions.

These structures provide shade and protection for bank customers and produce clean energy helping them meet the sustainability goals.

TD Bank promotes “to be as green” as their logo with the support of employees and customers to reduce the environmental impact.

In 2010, TDB was the first North America-based bank to become carbon neutral.

In 2012, TDB decided to achieve LEED certification in all new US retail locations, for which achieving solar integration was a main criteria.

LSX modules, with its frameless design, seamlessly integrates into the TD Bank building architecture. The facility to weatherproof the display and module durability was other notable features.

LSX is a robust module constructed of 6mm tempered solar glass. It is capable of resisting 113psf, preventing heavy snow and wind loads.

In addition, LSX modules are certified with a Class 4 Hail Rating, ranking them as the most impact resistant modules in the industry