Luvata’s Sunwire Calculator promises more efficient solar cells

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UK-based Luvata has launched Sunwire Calculator, an online solar ribbon calculator. The system helps photovoltaic module manufacturers make more informed decisions about solar ribbon utilization on solar cells.

The product derives its name from Sunwire, which is a photovoltaic solar ribbon manufactured by Luvata, the company has stated.

The ribbon calculator is expected to help carefully adapt solar ribbon width and thickness to accommodate the limitations of module materials.

Precision in adapting the ribbon improves yields and decreases cell-to-module losses by 20–30 percent. It is important to improve efficiency and life cycle of solar modules.

Sunwire Calculator, Luvata claims, can help PV module manufacturers optimize “Sunwire ribbon per spool to accommodate the speed of tabbing machines and shift changes”.

The improvement in module efficiency can, in turn, lead to reduction in overall material costs.

According to Luvata, Sunwire Calculator can determine solar ribbon weight, ribbon length per spool and ribbon length per solar panel and e-mail the data directly to a specified mail ID.

It can determine solar ribbon weight based on the copper width or thickness, coating thickness or the length of Sunwire based on the number of busbars per cell. The data would help PV module manufacturers determine optimal output.

Ajith Kumar S

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