MAGE SOLAR to showcase the latest AC-PV modules at SPI Orlando

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MAGE SOLAR to showcase the latest AC-PV modules at SPI Orlando

Greentech Lead U.K: MAGE SOLAR, a provider of solar PV
system solutions, is showcasing the recently launched AC-PV module at SPI in

MAGE SOLAR AC-PV module on the market offers an exclusive
30 year product warranty on the module-integrated microinverter to match the
industry leading 30 year power guarantee on the MAGE POWERTEC PLUS module.

In addition to the 30 year product warranty on the
frame-attached Pantheon II microinverter by SolarBridge, the product also
features signature MAGE POWERTEC PLUS 30 year 80 percent power guarantee.

“The MAGE POWERTEC PLUS AC PV-module is greatly
time-saving and secure during the installation process,” said Joe Thomas,
president and CEO of MAGE SOLAR USA. “Additionally, it also gives the end-users
much greater freedom to profit from solar energy as shading is less of an issue
with microinverter technology.”

MAGE SOLAR is offered in three packages suitable for
residential market. The pack contains 240 W AC PV-modules, MAGE SYSTEMTEC
racking, a power management system, and also include all cables and accessories
for a complete install to the transition box.  The 2.2 kW, 4.8 kW and 7.2
kW kits are easily expandable because of the time and tool saving plug-and-play

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