Mazda Lakeland’s Solar Initiative Ensures 50% Cut in Energy Costs

By Editor


Mazda Lakeland announced a substantial decrease in energy expenses following the installation of 412 solar panels at its dealership.

The solar array, which adorns the dealership’s rooftop, has not only proven to be environmentally friendly but also financially beneficial, resulting in a significant 46.5 percent reduction in energy costs.

Implemented last year, the solar energy system has demonstrated its capacity to generate 311,736 kilowatt hours annually, significantly contributing to the dealership’s energy needs. Spearheaded by ESA Solar of Maitland, Florida, the installation of the solar panels marks a milestone in Mazda Lakeland’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Sophia Justiz, General Manager of Mazda Lakeland, expressed her delight at the unexpected success of the solar initiative, stating, “We anticipated a cost reduction, but not in the neighborhood of fifty percent. It definitely exceeded our expectations.”

Sophia Justiz has further emphasized Mazda’s longstanding dedication to environmental preservation, highlighting the fuel efficiency of their vehicles and the popularity of the Mazda CX-90 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) as exemplary manifestations of this commitment.

Anne Shirley Lewis, Account Executive at ESA, emphasized the collaborative effort, stating, “We’re reducing costs and driving sustainability in a tangible way that resonates with modern consumers.”

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