MiaSole Achieves Efficiency Milestone for Panel Production

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MiaSole Achieves Efficiency Milestone for Panel Production

By Greentech Lead Team: MiaSole, a manufacturer of copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS)
thin-film photovoltaic solar panels, has achieved a 17.3 percent champion
device result.

The company also announced that the manufacturing process for 14
percent efficiency is now in production at its facility in Silicon
Valley, California. These latest achievements occur ahead of schedule, and
represent an increase of more than 30 percent in efficiency from this time last

“The progress in efficiency gains we’ve repeatedly demonstrated
are further proof that we’re aggressively moving toward a cost structure that
is competitive with top-tier global solar manufacturers,” said John
Carrington, CEO of MiaSole.

With increased manufacturing efficiency and investment in
research and development, MiaSole has been able to unlock the vast potential
for CIGS thin-film in the solar industry. MiaSole has shipped over 55MW with
its panels being used for a wide range of global projects in North
America, Europe and Asia. The panels have been selected for a
range of segments from utility scale fields to rooftops, and applications like
electric vehicle recharging stations.

“Our ability to deliver 14 percent in production with the
capability to achieve efficiency up to 17 percent further emphasizes the
progress we are continuously making against our roadmap.  Our ultimate
goal is to continue scaling innovation and deliver the lowest levelized cost of
electricity to our customers,” Carrington added.

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