National Grid Renewables Embarks on Kentucky’s Largest Clean Energy Initiative

By Editor


National Grid Renewables has initiated the construction phase for its groundbreaking Unbridled Solar project in Henderson and Webster Counties, Kentucky.

With a capacity of 160 megawatts (MW), this solar power project is poised to become the foremost contributor of clean solar energy within the state upon its slated commencement in 2024.

Projections indicate a substantial economic infusion of nearly $42 million during the initial 20 years of operation. This financial impetus encompasses the generation of a minimum of 200 employment opportunities, the facilitation of over $11 million in fresh tax revenues, and an injection exceeding $24 million into the coffers of local farmers and landowners.

The project has already secured a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Big Rivers Electric Corporation and has enlisted Wanzek Construction as a key collaborator for the project’s realization.

Beyond its economic impact, Unbridled Solar pledges an additional $800,000 through a dedicated charitable fund over the initial two decades of operation. These philanthropic endeavors, a distinctive facet of National Grid Renewables’ ethos, underscore their commitment to fostering amicable relations and actively supporting the communities in which their projects take root.

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