Nevadans unite to support solar roof top program

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Thousands of Nevada citizens have gathered at the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) to exhibit support to the rooftop solar programs.

The crowd delivered more than 4,300 petition signatures urging state leaders to take a firm decision on rooftop solar bringing economic and environmental benefits throughout the state.

The demonstration was held as part of a PUCN workshop organized to evaluate the net metering program undertaken by state.

Nevada solar customers get full credit on their energy bills using net metering for valuable clean electricity they deliver to the utility grid. This crediting arrangement is an effective state policy that enables Nevadans to go solar.

In filings before the PUCN, NV Energy has expressed its plan to eliminate Nevada’s net metering program.

Nevadans meet about 40 percent of their electricity needs with solar energy.

A recent study from the PUCN confirmed that the grid benefits from net metered clean energy systems installed from 2014 to 2016 will outweigh costs by $174 million, helping keep rates low for all NV Energy customers.

In addition, Nevada’s growing rooftop solar market has driven $200 million in private investment and helped to support more than 2,400 solar jobs.

Nevada has a tremendous solar resource. Citizens demand to trap the solar energy and power the country with solar resources, generating low cost electricity with the back -up of good state policy.

Particularly for Nevada, rooftop solar helps to reduce the state’s use of water-intensive traditional power sources.

By reducing the need for expensive power plants and utility infrastructure, this local clean energy investment is a cost-saver for customers. The state’s policymakers have to recognize these benefits and ensure that Nevada’s solar customers continue to be compensated with a strong net metering program, said, Susannah Churchill, regional director, Vote Solar.

Leading national rooftop solar companies are investing in Nevada’s clean economy and creating in-state solar jobs, rooftop solar has come under attack, said, Walker Wright, spokesperson, The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC).

A coalition of solar supporters including consumers, businesses and environmental groups organized the petition drive. Participating organizations included: Vote Solar, TASC, Sierra Club, and CREDO.

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