New Wind expands dealer network to meet the renewable energy needs

New Wind expands dealer network to meet the renewable energy needs

Greentech Lead America: New Wind, a Nashville-based wind
energy solutions provider, is expanding its dealer network to meet the emerging
market demands from the Pacific, the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and Central and
South America.

New Wind specializes in small-wind vertical-axis wind
turbines (VAWTs) and other sustainable energy products.

“The interest in our products along with the public
understanding that small wind is a viable and affordable option is now
requiring us to actively look for more dealers,” said Stuart Wiston, president,
“While we have pretty good coverage in the Eastern part of the United States,
we are looking to expand in the West and Pacific Northwest, Canada, as well as
Central and South America.”

With this expansion, the company is targeting more
customers from residential and business community, as well as municipalities
and government agencies looking towards wind and solar deployments. With over
30 dealers at present, New Wind feels the number is not sufficient to supply
these sectors with rising demands.

New Wind’s VAWTs have several benefits over larger
horizontal-axis wind turbines (HAWTs). “While higher is always better, our
VAWTs don’t need the same height HAWTs typically need,” Wiston said. “Their
slow rotation also means they are quieter which makes them very neighbor

The company also offers a wind/solar hybrid light pole as
well as a similar portable system that has a variety of applications from music
festivals to military operations. The company also boasts of a solution that
provides remote security for environments ranging from cattle ranches to
construction sites.”

Recently, the company, along with Exergonix and
Syndicated Solar, unveiled a Total Telecommunication Solution that will use
wind, solar, and battery storage to help power telecommunication systems in remote
and rural areas that will cut generator fuel costs by at least 50 percent.

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