Nextracker Expands Manufacturing Capacity to 10 GW Annually in India, Accelerating Solar Power Growth

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Nextracker, a global leader in intelligent solar tracker and software solutions, has recently revealed its significant stride towards strengthening its presence in India.

The company announced a substantial expansion in its local manufacturing capacity, reaching an impressive 10 GW per annum. This move echoes Nextracker’s commitment to providing cutting-edge, locally sourced solar tracker technology solutions, enhancing power generation, and supporting India’s burgeoning solar park construction endeavors.

With a keen focus on aligning with the Indian government’s “Make in India” initiative, Nextracker has raised the bar by ensuring that over 80 percent of the content used in their solar tracker systems is domestically sourced. This approach has been targeted primarily at utility-scale power generation projects in the Indian market.

Nextracker has forged partnerships with eleven manufacturing suppliers, collectively operating thirteen factories across the nation, facilitating the creation of around 2,000 clean energy jobs, with over 200 employees based in India. This strategic approach not only expedites project execution timelines but also plays a vital role in ensuring energy supply security, reducing costs, creating local jobs, and stimulating economic development.

Dan Shugar, the Founder and CEO of Nextracker, emphasized the company’s solid footing in India’s dynamic renewable energy sector. Shugar noted that Nextracker has either operational or under-fulfillment solar power systems exceeding five gigawatts.

He further highlighted the crucial role the company aims to play as India transitions from coal-based power, focusing on achieving over 64 percent non-fossil fuel-based capacity by 2030. Nextracker’s commitment revolves around delivering high-performing solar power systems to support India’s objectives for domestic content and decarbonization.

Nextracker is actively spearheading progress in India’s renewable energy sector through partnerships with prominent EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) companies such as Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy, Amara Raja Infra, and Rays Power Infra, along with established developers like NTPC.

Several solar power projects are already in delivery and construction stages across various regions in India, including Karnataka, Gujarat, and Rajasthan, fortifying the nation’s clean economy landscape.

Dwarakanadha Reddy, Business Head – Power at Amara Raja Infra, affirmed their choice of Nextracker’s advanced technology to unlock the full potential of solar power and expedite India’s renewable energy objectives.

Ketan Mehta, MD and CEO of Rays Power Infra, spoke about their collaboration with Nextracker, emphasizing its role in propelling India towards a sustainable and technologically advanced future.

This expansion in local manufacturing capacity not only signifies a step forward for Nextracker but also represents a significant milestone for India’s clean energy journey, contributing to the nation’s renewable energy goals and bolstering the overall sustainable development landscape.

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