NTPC Renewable Energy Wins 900 MW Solar Capacity Bid in PFCCL Tender

NTPC India power project

NTPC Renewable Energy has emerged victorious in the bid for 900 MW capacity within the Solar tender orchestrated by PFCCL on behalf of NTPC. This selection pertains to the 1250 MW ISTS-Connected Solar PV Power Projects under the Flexibility Scheme.

The culmination of the reverse auction took place on December 21, 2023, orchestrated by PFCCL, where the tariff was unveiled at ₹2.53/kWh. The generated energy is set to be procured by NTPC, aligning with their strategic vision to supplant thermal power via existing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with multiple DISCOMs.

NTPC Group presently boasts a robust operational capacity of 3.36 GW in renewable energy, with an ambitious pipeline of nearly 20 GW. The organization has set its sights on achieving a monumental 60 GW Renewable Energy capacity milestone by the year 2032.