Panasonic joins solar power initiative in rural Indonesia

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Panasonic has installed Power Supply Container, a complete PV power package solution that has been developed for the National Elementary School, Karimunjawa , Indonesia.

The project was carried out by Koperasi Pundih Artah along with Institute of Business and Economic Democracy Foundation (IBEKA), an Indonesian NGO.

Karimunjawa receives electricity only at night and this no-power situation in daytime has affected the administrative and commercial activities.

Koperasi Pundih Artah, which has received Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security, IBEKA together with Panasonic, launched jointly a project by installing the Power Supply Container, with the cooperation of Jepara District and the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia.

Thanks to the project, during school hours, children can use LED light, ceiling fans and audiovisual materials. When there are no classes, the electricity is sold to nearby areas through a management association of the Power Supply Container.

Panasonic is offering technical assistance for this project. Meanwhile, IBEKA has supported the project by establishing management associations for independent power supply operation. They have also imparted training for operation, management and maintenance to achieve a sustainable power supply in Karimunjawa.

As part of its social support initiative, Panasonic will extend its cooperation towards a stable power supply for remote areas in Indonesia and other emerging countries.

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