PHI Group to offer hybrid renewable energy technologies in India

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PHI Group to offer hybrid renewable energy technologies in India

Greentech Lead India:
PHI Group, a provider of energy and natural resources, has signed a deal with
Global Sun Wind & Power (GSWP) to offer hybrid renewable energy
technologies in India, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asian nations.

GSWP manufactures wind turbines and offers hybrid power
systems incorporating wind, solar, mini-hydro, diesel backup systems and battery
storage technologies. GSWP claims its systems are highly efficient in both
grid-connected and off-grid applications.

GSWP said its wind turbines will deliver power in extreme wind
regimens due to its Pivot linkage.

With added electronic controls, this turbine system can
operate in 80 percent of the world’s landmass from Class 2 to Class 7 winds.

To make this technology even more accessible for rural and
off-grid applications, GSWP’s tilt-up design eliminates the need for mammoth
cranes and infrastructure additions, minimizing environmental impacts and
installation costs.

PHI Group will cooperate with Global Sun Wind & Power to
execute its growth plan and provide renewable energy solutions using these technologies
in Brunei, Burma, East Timor, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore,
Thailand and Vietnam, India, Papua New Guinea and Australia and other
geographical areas that are not limited by GSWP’s worldwide rights.

“As we focus on energy and natural resource assets in
Southeast Asia, we are delighted to work with Global Sun Wind & Power to
provide these advanced and proven renewable energy solutions to respond to the
increasing demand of electricity in these countries, both in grid-connected and
off-grid applications,” said Chairman of PHI Group Henry Fahman.

“We look forward to working with PHI Group to
accelerate the applications of our breakthrough system to Southeast Asian
countries and other areas in the world and believe that our cooperation will
bring about significant mutual benefits for our customers and shareholders,”
said Donald Logsdon, president & CEO Global Sun Wind & Power.

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